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This video is my television reel. It will give you a thorough understanding of what my video skills are like. I have done everything on my own in these videos from pitching an idea, shooting videos in the field, interviewing my subjects, editing my tape and producing my work in Adobe Premiere. After that, all of my work was aired on St. Cloud State University's television station, UTVS. 

I am very proud to have produced this video. After spending almost 15 hours of my day with Apache Tribal Members in Arizona, I was able to videotape their purpose of 3rd Annual March of Oak Flat. They had ritual dances and ceremonies. This video demonstrates what they are enduring and what they want to let people know across the nation. Even though tribal members did not allow people to videotape their dances, they very generously granted me the permission to shoot a good deal of video from their day-long event. 

The city of St. Cloud is known for its division among Somalis and members of public over extreme rituals practiced by Muslims. People are Islamophobic and the only way to change that is to make sure they know what Muslims do in their mosques and societies. My Iranian background allowed me to find my way to videotape prayers in the mosque and showcase what a Mulsim prayer looks like. This video hopefully helps you appreciate that Islam is a religion of peace. Indeed, all religions are peaceful, they differ in how they practice their belief and rituals. 

As news director of KVSC 88.1 FM, I thought it was important to let people know that their sound alternative upgraded two of its studios. Now, people not only could listen to their broadcasters on radio, but they could also watch them online as they were on air.   

St. Cloud State University's pharmacy significantly reduced its hours due to lack of budget, while they had an increasing demand from students and faculty on campus. I tried to be as creative as possible in this video in an attempt to show how much this pharmacy was needed. Indeed, once this video was aired, the school decided to increase the pharmacy hours.   

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