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If you look at my resume, you will notice that I got passionate about radio from my voluntary positions in Wisconsin. After a while of working with local reporters and announcers, they began telling me that I was more confidant that they were in front of the microphone even though I had been there for a while only. That made me think more about my future and work more enthusiastically to a point that I decided to do my graduate studies in journalism and broadcasting. When I was at KVSC 88.1 FM, I not only directed two-three assistants, but I also reported on the happenings in the city of St. Cloud. I taped my interviews with Tascam and Marantz recorders, edited them in Adobe Audition and uploaded them online and in ENCO. I was usually on air three-four times a week or even more than that which meant that I had to produce not only a half-an-hour newscast, but also prepare a thirty-minute-long feature either on my own or through other sources. You can then conclude that I am enamored with radio. Follow my podcasts on iTunes

St. Cloud State University Student Nominated for Minnesota Senate District 14

News Director Mohammad Najafian talks with Steven Zilberg, a graduate student in the Social Responsibility program at St.Cloud State University about his nomination to run for the Minnesota Senate district 14 seat (St. Cloud) by the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.

Zilberg grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both his parents died from overdoses and he became Muslim while studying abroad in South Africa.

Once elected, Zilberg hopes to become the first Muslim Senator and youngest elected person by the City of St. Cloud. During his time as senate, Zilberg is hoping to cover issues like police brutality, improving education (public and private), and lowering the incarceration rate in Minnesota.  Click here to listen to this 

Steven Zilberg and Nurlaili Solichah

St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Last Year of Global Goes Local Conference

St. Cloud State University hosted a two-day conference “The Global Goes Local: The Social Conditions of Immigrant Workers and Families in Minnesota Conference” in April. News Director Mohammad Najafian talked with SCSU Sociology Professor Stephen Philion about the conference.

In its sixth and last year, participants learned about social conditions of Minnesota immigrant workers. Mike Hasbrouck, a guitarist and singer, as well as a professor of Spanish in the Department Languages and Cultures at St. cloud State University, and Stearns County Pachanga Society performed “Cruzando Fronteras: A Musical Story about Immigration Told in Words, Music and Images.”

Additionally, Economist and Concordia University professor Bruce Corrie, discussed the economic benefits Minnesota derives from immigrants, including more youth, high rates of entrepreneurship, connections to global opportunities and high rates of civic engagement.

Finally, Saket Soni, the executive director of New Orleans-based National Guest worker Alliance, talked about workers, day laborer, labor exploitation, wage theft and worker mistreatment. Click here to listen to this podcast. 

Minnesota Author Andy Marso Talks about the Klinefelter Legacy in St. Cloud

Author of the book, The Klinefelter Legacy: A Story of Faith, Family and Forgiveness, Andy Marso speaks with News Director Mohammad Najafian about the story behind the book.

St. Joseph police officer Brian Klinefelter was killed while on duty on January 29th, 1996. Brian Ederhoff, Thomas Kantor and Kenneth Roering rubbed a liquor store and then ran away. Klinefelter checked a car which he believed was suspicious, but was shot dead by Thomas Kantor.  

St. Cloud State University Conducts Conference on Islamophobia


After the terroristic attacks in Paris, California and other areas around the globe, SCSU decided to have a community dialogue about Islamophobia.


The director of Human Relations and Multicultural Education Center, Seyma Hakim, organized the speech. Jaylani Hussein, the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Minneapolis, spoke about the unfounded reasons of Islamophobia and what should be done to improve the situation.


The News Director, Mohammad Najafian, spoke with Mr.Hussein about his presentation.

St. Cloud State University Stage Exhibition on Anne Frank

St. Cloud State University staged an exhibition about Anne Frank, a Jewish writer, in commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th.

SCSU students from an anti-Semitic course and eighth graders from schools around the city attended the exhibition. The event took place in the second floor of the Miller Center and was open to the public.


News Director Mohammad Najafian spoke with SCSU Psychology Professor Jazwinski about Holocaust. She gave a speech about the psychology of altruism and difficulties the rescuers of Jews have been through

SCSU President Potter Update Live Dec. 2015

St. Cloud State University President Earl Potter joined KVSC news director Mohammad Najafian on December 16, 2015 for the latest presentation of Presidential Update Live Some of the subjects discussed include:

1- An update on the university's budget and budgetary decisions for this year and moving forward.

2- The President’s opinion piece published  in the St. Cloud Times on the confederate flag, free speech and racial justice.

3- Campus safety in light of school shootings and the university’s policy on weapons.

4- Anti-Muslim fears and sentiments in our country and close to home.

5- The goals and objectives of President Potter’s recent travel to China, and in the summer of 2015 as part of the trade mission to Mexico.

* President Potter died in an accident in spring of 2016. 

The Remodeling of Stearns County Law Enforcement Center is Complete.


The Stearns County Law Enforcement Center needed to renovate their facility allowing a better use of the space, easing overcrowding, and improving jail safety and security.


The entire project came in more than $1-million under budget. Estimated cost of the construction was $5.9 million; final price tag was $4.7 million. Stearns County saved $450,000 by doing some of the work in-house: plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, demolition, and by re-purposing as much furniture and technology as possible. Contingency funds, money required to be set aside for the unexpected, also came in under budget. There was $740,000 allocated for contingencies, but only $108,000 spent.


News Director, Mohammad Najafian, speaks with Captain Mark Maslonkowski about the renovation of jail. Here is the link to the audio story.

A Look at Minnesota Department of Public Safety Stimulation at Monticello Nuclear Power Plant

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety conducted a simulation at Monticello Nuclear Power Plant on August 18th. Federal Emergency Management Agency makes carry out exercises annually to make sure that safety procedures are paid attention to and the department is ready to take the necessary actions in an effective way.


News Director, Mohammad Najafian, talks with Kevin Luer, the Director of Preparedness at the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, about the simulation.  

Coleen Rowley Visit SCSU and Speak about War on Terrorism and Intelligence of Ethic

In October 2014 Former FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, visited St. Cloud State University and gave a speech on War on Terrorism and Intelligence of Ethic.


News director Mohammad Najafian had a conversation with her about why she came to SCSU.

What it is that she is trying to achieve? How can people get a better understanding of the aforementioned issues.  


In October 2014 Former FBI agent, Coleen Rowley, visited St. Cloud State University and gave a speech on War on Terrorism and Intelligence of Ethic.


News director Mohammad Najafian had a conversation with her about why she came to SCSU.

What it is that she is trying to achieve? How can people get a better understanding of the aforementioned issues.  

St. Cloud State University Raises Awareness on Veteran's Suicide

St. Cloud State University helps veterans to cope with difficulties they face in their lives.

National statistics shows twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. St. Cloud State University’s Veterans Resource Center is taking the necessary steps to raise awareness among students and community members.

News Director, Mohammad Najafian, talks with the interim director of VRC, Zac Mangas, speaks about activities they do on campus.

What St. Cloud Police Department Does to Protect SCSU

Three St. Cloud police officers, Ryan Sayre, Nancy Lang and Daniel McClure are assigned to Campus Area Police Services (CAPS) team to work at the Southside of SCSU campus.

News Director Mohammad Najafian talks with officer McClure to figure out what safety measures the St. Cloud Police Department takes to assure that there is no danger for students, faculty and community members.  

Attacks in Iraq by Islamic State Militant Group Brings Attention to U.S. Authorities

After a series of attacks by the Islamic State Group in Iraq in late February and early March, Nimrud, khorsabad and the second most ancient library in Mosul was reportedly destroyed.

News Director, Mohammad Najafianas, spoke with Deborah Lehr about the actions taken to prevent further attack of the IS to the ancient sites in Iraq.


Deborah is the Chairman and Co-Founder of The Antiquities Coalition, founding Chairman of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at George Washington University and Vice Chairman of the Paulson Institute. She also launched the International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities with the Egyptian government.

St. Cloud Police Department Hosts Annual Property Training in April

News director, Mohammad Najafian, opens a conversation with Certified Crime Prevention Specialist Officer John Justin at the St. Cloud Police Department about the rental property training for rental licensing of units located within the city of St. Cloud.


Participants who attend these trainings will learn about the standard requirements for houses and apartments before they are rented out. 


They will also receive information on preliminary inspection, rental history, license expiration, transferring of property-owners to properties and manager certification. The next round of training for property-owner is on April 8th.

Mayor Kleis Shares His Experience of Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student


It has been almost 10 months since the death of foreign German exchange student, Alexander Voigt.

His host family, Mayor Kleis, shares his memories and speaks about the good times he and his family had with Alexander and how much impact he had on their lives during his short stay with them.

Alexander, was one of two people who died when their plane crashed into a Sauk Rapids house, just days before he was scheduled to return home in June of 2014.

Later in the show, Kleis also talks about the priorities of the city hall for the city of St. Cloud in the month of February,

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