• Mo Jazi

St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Last Series of Global Goes Local Conference

St. Cloud State University hosted its last year of the Global Goes Local Conference on April 11th and 12th.

Ahmed Ali, the Lead Organizer of Worker Center, says workers don’t have the permission to have enough bathroom breaks. They work eight to eleven hours a day and five to six d

ays a week and only have two bathroom breaks per week.

Those who violate the regulation would have to sign a warning letter, which is unfair and illegal.

Another important problem workers are facing is that they would be fired if injured at work instead of providing them with medical care.

SCSU Sociology Professor Stephen Philion says he would like students to join immigrants in the struggles they have in their everyday life. That way, there is no us and them. It is a collective power of us going against those who are preventing all of us from making the society better.

Saket Soni, the executive director of National Guest Worker Alliance, gave a speech about underrepresented aspects of economical value immigrants bring to Minnesota.

I asked him what students can do to improve the situation in St. Cloud. He says young people should take fearless and courageous actions on behalf of workers and raise their voice.

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