• Mo Jazi

St. Cloud State University Hosts Its Annual Colloquium At Atwood Memorial Center

More than 400 students and faculty from St. Cloud State University took part in a day-long colloquium to present their academic projects, posters and experiments.

SCSU Anthropology, Kelly Macauley, says one of the duties of professors and faculty is to make sure students can communicate effectively, especially concerning the research they are doing. This event is a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with each other and faculty in their research.

Macauley also believes the colloquium helps the community too as they can come and meet with students and see their work. She goes on to add that such an event not only connects individuals with each other, but it also recognizes the great work students are doing in their academic life.

Among the students who represented their posters were a group of friends who displayed a musical project. Joe Williams, Steven Yang, Jacob Gustafson and Ryan Nazzaro who major in music composition, math, fine art and mass communication designed a musical application.

The application has a set of 18 and 36 balls which play different music. There is also a picture of an ear which can be dragged back and forth to any part of the screen. Williams and his friends say people can change the volume and base of music by moving the balls close to the ear.

They think people can have a lot of fun through the sounds and music they can create. The interesting thing about this application is that balls are not labelled and people have the liberty to play around with them and find their favorite one.

The application can, for example, be installed in airports where passengers can play with it. Williams says it can also be used in subways or live performances around the nation. 

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