• Mo Jazi

St. Cloud State University Holds Gaming Nights In An Attempt To Improve Academic Performance

St. Cloud State University’s librarians are trying to make an everlasting change in the academic and personal lives of students through Gaming Nights.

Miller Library’s Circulation Supervisor, Angela Wortham, says gamification has been a topic of interest in education over the last few years. That is applying principles of gaming to education like adding badges or experience points to assignments as a way to incentivize participation in class.

She says the library decided to purchase as many as 18 games to facilitate its plan. Monday, April 25th, was the third night the library organized game series. Librarians and staff have seen nothing but positive feedback and reaction from students.

Wortham says those who have stress can have a break and join the gaming nights as a way of renewing their efforts.

One of the SCSU students, Grace Thompson, who is majoring in software engineering, says such an event helps her to relieve stress. It is also a nice way to spend her free time with friends, classmates and new people.  She says some of the friends that she has made so far are her best friends all because of gaming nights.

The last session of games in the spring term will be Monday, May 2nd. There will be no gaming nights in the summer due to too little traffic, but they will resume in the fall.

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