• Mo Jazi

St. Cloud State Joins United Way To Donate Clothes To Homeless People

This Saturday, November 21st, when fans of Huskies came to watch SCSUs’ men hockey

game versus North Dakota, they also brought some clothes to donate to homeless people.

The Interim Director of Huskies, Tom Nelson, says the school is just collecting clothing 

so as to give back to the community. The community really supports SCSU’s athletic 

programs and the school likes to return their favor through activities like clothes donation.

Member of United St. Cloud Homeless Committee, Michael Piotrowski, says

the center tries to put together a program where they could have customers and

hockey fans come to the game(s) in an effort to receive clothes people like to

donate to the poor.

Piotrowski says he wants to see this activity grows to an annual event where people

would come with scarves, mittens, hats and any other warm clothings.

Director of United Health, Christine Midthn, adds that the center collected 

over six large boxes of clothing last year. St. Cloud area family

members as well as some of SCSU students and their families who were homeless or

experienced homelessness received winter clothing.  

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