• Mo Jazi

Seniors enjoy final Taste of Home

SAFFORD — Seniors and the Meals on Wheels program got one last taste of Taste of Home cooking.

On Thursday, Taste of Home chef Jamie Dunn stopped by the Graham County Senior Center for a special cooking demonstration for the Meals on Wheels program. Jamie Dunn shows the food — chorizo and egg bowl — she cooked at the senior center.

“We made cheeseburger soup, chorizo and egg bowl and Zucchini Chocolate cake,” Dunn said.

One of the volunteers at the Graham County Senior Center, Loretta McClatchy, said “Taste of Home is a lot of fun and (she has) used their magazines for years.” Laughing, she added “I loved the soup and I am not a soup person.”

Dunn said she loves cooking and offering cooks with services she can, and is a fan of coming to the community, engaging with audience personally, interacting with them and giving as many tips and tricks to individuals as she can.

Eastern Arizona Courier has hosted the Taste of Home School for the past four years, but Friday’s show at the David M. Player Center for the Arts was the last as Taste of Home has opted to put an end to its live show program, focusing instead in online services.

Dunn said she’s thankful for the loyalty people of the Gila Valley have shown her over the years and said those who wish to remain in contact — as well as see what new recipes and gadgets she’s trying out — can follow her on her Facebook page. McClatchy said she hopes to see “more seniors attend and partake of what they do in gatherings like this.”

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