• Mo Jazi

Elite Taxi Comes Up With Solution To Recruit New Drivers, Also New Breast Cancer Awareness Taxi

Eight months ago, the Elite Taxi Company faced a problem of not finding enough drivers. At the time, they had 6 cabs and vans and couldn’t meet the demand of customers. The owner and CFO of the company, Bryan Baker, says they have increased their fleet to 13 and more than 20 drivers currently work for them. That said, one of every four customers should reportedly wait about 15-20 minutes to get a taxi which is very much dependent on the time of the day. They have also added bus rides from the city of St. Cloud to neighboring areas like Minneapolis. Baker goes on to say that they are in the process of launching a new service: A Pink Cab. The new member will contribute to the breast cancer research. Some of the proceeds collected through the cab would go towards the research done in breast cancer. But, what is the problem? The inability to recruit enough drivers is partly due to a couple of stigmas existing among people. Baker adds people think of drivers as smelly and old or that it is not a profitable job, while such things are baseless. There are a lot of college students that transportation companies would love to have around. But, the problem is that insurance companies don’t insure candidates younger than 25 which adds a new layer of difficulty to the matter. After deliberating about the problem for a considerable amount of time, Baker has come up with a solution to hopefully put an end to the problem. He is thinking of designing a certified training program through the state and their insurance company. The training would then allow younger people to obtain a taxi license. Having a clean driving record and a medical physical examination to receive a health card from the Department of Transportation are all candidates need to have to obtain their license from the St. Cloud Police Department.

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