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2017 New Year's Eve

Two Thatcher kids smile while being in Santa's arms.

2017 New Year's Eve

The happiness of a boy in Santa' arms.

Eve of Christmas

Two sibling and their cousin are having a ride in downtown of Safford on the Eve of Christmas.

2017 New Year's Eve

Twins visiting downtown on the Eve of new year

Music competition

A young boy is rehearsing with his partner before their performance.

Dancing competition

A couple of students are performing duo at a dancing competition.

Dancing Competition

Students from around Safford, Thatcher and Pima are competing with each other in dancing groups.

Dancing competition

A group of high school students are performing in skirts against other schools in Pima, Safford and Thatcher.

Mexican dancing

A group of four young partners are dancing their way into people at Salsa Festival in Safford.

Mexican Statues

I was on a short tip to Misilla in New Mexico where I saw this statue and took its picture.

Courthouse in Safford AZ

The city of Safford decorated its courthouse on new year's eve.

Mount Graham

A deer is looking down at the road while going up the mountain.

Mount Graham

This is one of the sharp turns of Mount Graham.

Eastern Arizona College

A look at the sky from the campus of Eastern Arizona College.

Sultan Ahmet mosque in Istanbul, Tur

I was on a short trip in Turkey and went visiting this gorgeous mosque.

Religious trip

A rural man is carrying the cross on pilgrimage journey

Fire drill

Firefighters are sealing the entrance of an old house with a mattress so that it can get full of smoke artificial smoke faster.

Fire Drill

Firefighters set an abandoned and donated house on fire to practice a rescue drill.


A local family dressed up as a group of gangsters to take pictures with kids at a local event in Pima, Safford.

Wagon and Dutch Oven Contest

Families from all around the nation registered online to compete with each other in dutch oven cooking and showcasing their wagon.

Street Performance

A group of locals are performing a western movie scene at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona.

Long Beach, California

These buildings are right across from Long Beach

Toronto, Canada

Buildings captured from CN Tower in Toronto, CA

Long Beach

These buildings are right across from Long Beach

Downtown Los Angeles

Pershing Square, LA, CA

Toronto, Canada

Buildings next to the biggest aquarium in Toronto, CA

New Mexico

I was having a break at a rest area on my way from New Mexico to Arizona. All of a sudden, I woke up to see this giant helicopter parked in front of my car.

Importance of fastening seat belt

This is roll over simulator. It shows what happens if you don't buckle up

Pasadena, CA

This is a reminder not to leave your bikes out. I was out walking in downtown Pasadena when I saw this bike chained to a light post.

Downtown, LA

What I like most about metropolitan areas like Los Angeles is that you see art work every where you walk.

Toronto, Canada

A saw fish in the biggest aquarium in Toronto, CA

Oak Flat, Arizona

Apache Tribal members attended 3rd Annual March of Oak Flat in an attempt to protect their territories from being sold to mines.

Native Americans

A local Native American is riding her horse in downtown of Safford in Arizona.

Love labels

This guitar case caught my attention because of all these different stickers you see on it.

Central Grand Market

This is the entrance of Central Grand Market in downtown Los Angeles.

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