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Mo Jazi is a Jr. Digital Analyst with Los Angeles Times. He has a passion to help businesses to increase their audience, revenue and reduce their operational/business costs. 

He knows how to proficiently use SQL, Power BI, Tableau and Excel to create descriptive analysis, statistical inference, regression analysis, economics analysis, financial analysis through effective visualization, vlookups, index/match and nested IF statements.

Mo is a former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He led KVSC 88.1 FM newsroom to win national awards from Minnesota Broadcasters Association. 

Fun fact about him is that he is a former professional triathlete. He was once shortlisted to Iran’s National Triathlon Team. You can find him running, swimming, biking, hiking, cooking or exploring new places when he is not working.

Links to my online profiles: Tableau and GitHub 

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